Check This: Moscow Apartment – Orange


Artist: Moscow Apartment

Song: “Orange”

Label: HandsomeBoy Records

Genre: Folk, Indie

There’s a strange moment as a listener when you start to realize that many of the artists you’re listening to aren’t only younger than you, but sometimes weren’t even born yet when you first started becoming a music fan.

When Canadian folk duo Moscow Apartment‘s members Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla were born, MP3 players were a hot commodity and screamo bands were still a big thing. But upon listening to the group’s latest single “Orange”, it would be impossible to tell it apart from the music created by artists twice or thrice their age.

With a swinging rhythm, hip shaking horns, and perfect harmonizing, Moscow Apartment have crafted a perfect folk pop hit that will win them fans of all ages. Like the lights they describe in the song, the group seems too good to be true.

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