Check This: Midnight Peacemaker – Manticore

midnight peacemaker cover

A Manticore is mythical beast with the head of a man, body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion. Midnight Peacemaker seems as unreal. They play synth driven 80s pop in occasional darker tones like Interpol but as often in off-kilter dance rhythms like Of Montreal.

“Manticore” opens with a joyous keyboard ditty and a happy tune that describes the need to get away from their manticore lover who holds some mythical power over the narrator. Eventually, he concludes during a well placed bongo breakdown that she will “eat ya, and beat ya, and smash ya to the ground, till their ain’t nothin’ left.” This song is a standard love song coated in shiny electronic music and rye humor.

midnight peacemaker

The band has just released a full length Diary of Dissonance seems to be in the spiritual footsteps of The Bravery or even Prince at times. It succeeds in inspiring the need to do intense 80s dance moves. Preview it with “Manticore.” Then consider that the whole album needs to played at your holiday party. It’s poppy enough to keep the people peppy but weird enough to be a talking point. Spotify has them at only 69 monthly listeners, 70 with me. Get these guys a bit more play through the New Year.

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