Most Anticipated Albums of 2019


2018 has finished, so now let’s focus on the albums to come in the new year. Below are some of the announced and potential new albums we here are excited to hear!

  1. Bedouin Soundclash – After releasing 6 incredible and eclectic singles last year (including our #8 song of 2018, “Salt-Water”), I can only imagine what the remainder of the Canadian group’s forth-coming album will sound like. For reasons unknown (I’m guessing label changes), all of the new songs have been pulled from most music services, so will only have their earlier work to hold us over until new tunes arrive or they get things sorted out.
  2. Bad Religion – The punk rock veterans released three tracks in 2018, with the most recent, “My Sanity”, being the true banger of the group. This stalwart band can always be relied upon for solid, high-minded melodic punk rock, and with the Trump administration as inspiration, I’m certain the next LP will be full of political barnburners.
  3. Vampire Weekend – Originally on the most-anticipated of 2018 list, Vampire Weekend have taken their time in finishing their next release, but as Ezra Koenig said during their recent private show, new music will be coming soon. There are few groups who sound like VW in the current mainstream marketplace, so it will be great to have the group back with new tunes.
  4. The Rolling Stones – At this time, it’s only speculation that new music from the remaining kings of Rock n Roll will come out this year. Mick Jagger has shared videos of them working on new music, but with their upcoming U.S. tour, it may be any final album gets pushed to 2020. Time will tell, but new music from the Stones should always be treated as an event release.
  5. Lana Del Rey – With Jack Antoff producing and co-writing, one might expect for Lana to be going into a crunchier, pop rock direction with her upcoming Norman Fucking Rockwell, but based on the tracks already out, it’s clear Jack is using his talents to further encourage Del Rey’s artier instincts, like on the indulgent yet exquisite “Venice Bitch”.
  6. Millencolin – These Swedish punks have a special place in my heart, having written songs that have gotten me through some hard times, so any new album from them will be embraced by this music site. First single “S.O.S.” is promising.
  7. Social Distortion – Another speculation, as Mike Ness has only spoken about starting to write this album, but if it does manage to get finished before 2019’s end, it will be great to have some new rockers from the group. Along with new music from Bad Religion, it will make 2019 a certainly rewarding year for fans of classic punk.
  8. Jade Bird – This British singer/songwriter has continued to impress with each new song release, putting her at the top of the new artists to be paying attention to. From the kiss-off attitude of “Uh Huh” to the more delicate “Lottery”, she’s got range, and a unique voice everyone should hear.
  9. Third Eye Blind – Frontman Stephen Jenkins has been telling everyone the group is recording new music, and getting some attention and love from KROQ for their recent covers EP and a spot at the Almost Acoustic Christmas, hopefully radio will finally be ready to re-embrace these veteran 90’s alt rockers.
  10. Bruce Springsteen – The Boss’ run on Broadway is done, and he’s said he has a new solo album in the works, going with a more singer-songwriter vibe. Looking forward to hearing some new tunes from one of the last great rock and roll songwriters around.
  11. The Cure – It’s been a decade since we’ve heard new material from Robert Smith’s classic group. Whether the songs will be on the darker, dronier side or refind some of Smith’s past knack for buoyant pop hooks, we will have to wait and see.
  12. The Transplants – This punk/rap hybrid group has always been hit or miss for me, mostly depending on how hardcore they decide to go with their sound. When they move more towards the eclectic and further from Skinhead Rob‘s rage vocals, they come up with some good songs. Tim Armstrong remains one of the most reliable songwriters in punk rock.
  13. Broken Bells – The most recent Shins album was a let-down, but I’m already a fan of the new single “Shelter” from the James Mercer/Danger Mouse project, so my hopes are up.
  14. blink-182 – the group has been recording with John Feldman and Matt Skiba again (in for Tom Delonge). While California had some good moments, I missed the vocal dynamic and classic-rock ambition Delonge brought to the group, so here’s hoping the new line-up has evolved and will come out rocking.
  15. The Raconteurs – While Jack White‘s latest solo album was overly indulgent to his eccentric interests, having him back with the Raconteurs should reign in some of his more out-there desires and deliver a rollicking blues rock record that we can all enjoy.

Other Artists to Watch in 2019:

Green Day, Judah & the Lion, Adele, The Specials, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Thomas

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Meat Puppets “Dusty Notes” drops in March 2019, first new batch of music from them in 6 years, and the 1st with original drummer since 1995! MeatHeads Rejoice!


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