Check This: Winnetka Bowling League – Feeling California


There’s a laid back vibe to “Feeling California” that is perfectly suited the state, and which San Fernando natives Winnetka Bowling League are probably all-too-familiar with.┬áSince launching with their debut single “On the 5” and becoming college radio favorites at the beginning of last year, WBL have dropped their self-titled EP, and just recently released a new single, “Kombucha”.

But, it’s hardest to shake the indie groove and near stream-of-consciousness lyric delivery of this second single from their EP. With lines like “took a train to LA, in the pursuit of persona, wearing all-white track suit drinking pineapple boba”, it feels like the musical equivalent of strolling down a Venice Beach boardwalk while joyously stoned on a sunny day. It may cause you to recall OMD‘s classic “How Bizarre”, but with a very LA-hipster-centric point of view. Whatever it is, you won’t be able to listen to it and not find yourself in a good mood.

Take a listen in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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