Playlist: Stream to a Million

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 2.04.21 PM

We at the Indy Review are music lovers, plain and simple. We love introducing new artists to the world, and hope to help those artists find new fans and enough success so that they can afford to keep touring and making new music.

It’s discouraging to us when looking on Spotify and seeing a song like Crow Bait‘s “83”, literally my favorite song of 2014, and finding it hasn’t even garnered 7k streams. How are so many great artists with fantastic songs not being heard?

While we don’t know the actual sales numbers, and the streaming numbers may improve once adding in Apple Music, Amazon and Youtube, it generally goes that if the numbers aren’t high one on platform, they won’t be much higher elsewhere.

That’s where our Stream to a Million Playlist comes in. Containing some of our favorite rock/punk/alternative songs, both new and old, that have yet to cross the 1 million streams mark on Spotify, our hope is to get enough people following and listening to the playlist to allow the songs to find the success they deserve and graduate off the list.

So help us help some great artists make their mark. Follow the playlist below and start listening and sharing!


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