Banger of the Week: Otoboke Beaver – Don’t Light My Fire

otoboke beaver

All I want in life is to listen to music that lights me up like Otoboke Beaver. Starts, stops, chaotic gang-vocals, fierce garage punk that for all its fury does not take itself seriously. If you can get past the feeling that you are listening to an anime parody of an all female garage punk band then you’re going to get as amped as I do listening to this female quartet from Japan.

Beyond a few words of heavily accented English in a hook here and there, they sing in Japanese but the imagery of their photos and CD covers as well as their English song titles (“Don’t Light My Fire,” “Love is Short”) indicate that thematically they are concerned with love and relationships. They’ve been celebrated by NPR and Pitchfork for good reason as their musicianship transcends. Masterful changes in rhythm and tempo take you on hard hitting sonic journeys.

All I want to do is crush some souls in an Otoboke Beaver live show mosh pit. Until that chance presents itself I must be content with their catalogue and recently released singles. 2019 has seen “I’m Tired of Your Repeating Story” (what an awesome song title) which is rhythmic and has a bit of a surf punk flow. The banger for this week is the other single from this year “Don’t Light My Fire” which is goddamn Bad Brains in talent, chaos and tempo– on this song they are doing whatever they want and putting it out there for people to love, hate or revile. The banger is on the love side.

Get the visual through their video for “おとぼけビ~バ~ – あなたわたし抱いたあとよめのめし/Anata Watashi Daita Ato Yome No Meshi”

Here’s that surf punk single:

Hi, you found the bottom of the post where I we put the link for THE BANGER PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY.  Follow the chaos.

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