Check This: Justin Wright – Modular Winter


Artist: Justin Wright

Song: “Modular Winter”

Album: Music for Staying Warm

Label: Sleepless Records, Inc

Genre: Indie, Classical, Experimental

It’s rare that a purely instrumental, classical track not from a soundtrack makes its way to our ears, but thankfully we found the music of Montreal’s Justin Wright to fill this void. A composer drawing inspiration from the world around him as much as structural experimentation, Wright builds layered tracks off of short, repeating patterns to create lush and atmospheric music.

After watching a man visiting a tombstone, while a young kid frolicked through the cemetery with a balloon, Wright went home and began writing “Modular Winter”. A flowing track featuring violin, viola, cello and some upright bass, the music embodies the album’s title; it creates a warm atmosphere, like being inside by a fire while it’s snowing outside. There’s a melancholy to the melody, but it never overpowers the track.

Listen to the album here, or find the track in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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