Check This: Distant Mountains – On The Run


Whimsical, classy music, like the light passing through the wisps of fog floating between here and the Distant Mountains, the band found their name. At least that should be the story they use.  It’s applicable at times but just a quickly they go more downtown- playful and electronic.  Percussion that can change tempos on the dot carries an experimental interplay between synths and folk instruments creating a unique but familiar sound.

“On The Run” has a Sufjan Stevens vibe and the vocals tell a story of change and loss. The twiddling, tinkling synth solo ¾ of the way through and a quick shift back to the last verse is a nice bit of song writing.

Out of San Francisco, the band just released a full length in March called Stationed Lockstep (on which this single also appears). It has a bit of dream-pop, bedroom rock sound to it. With their freethinking attitude and creativity Distant Mountains aren’t pigeonholeable though. Enjoy their single, check out the full length.

The Indy Review Check This 2019 playlist is the best!

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