Check This: Me Like Bees – All Alone


Artist: Me Like Bees

Song: “All Alone”

Genre: Rock

Feel good rock n’ roll is always in demand, likely because the supply is so low. Thankfully, Joplin, Missouri’s Me Like Bees are out there writing tracks like “All Alone”. Following the release of a number of EPs and their 2013 full length The Ides, the group has been releasing a number of singles, with “All Alone” being the most recent.

Meshing Southern Rock rhythms with Beach Boys melodies, “All Alone” is the epitome of hip-shaking guitar music. Yet you would never guess it, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics like “Can’t talk to the roommate, he don’t pay his pills. Can’t talk to myself cuz I take my pills”, it becomes clear we’re hearing the lament of someone struggling with mental illness. But when that chorus hits, you’ll still want to be singing along and dancing, cuz it’s so damn catchy.

Listen to it in our Check This 2019 playlist!

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