Bad-Ass Break Outs: Thoughts

Thought official publicity pic

It’s rare to find a band as new and young as Florida’s Thoughts who manage to sound confident in their sound and songwriting abilities. Formed in 2017, they released their first EPĀ Heart it Breaks shortly after. Since signing with indie Mint 400 Records, the band ha released two more EPs and a number of singles, including the most recent one, “Tethered”.

While their sound is steeped clearly in classic and alternative rock, it’s easy to find traces of Neo-soul and R&B pop seeping through their songs. On “Tethered”, the track opens with a Stevie Wonder-esque R&B rhythm. The swooning melodic vocals wash smoothly over the 70’s guitars, leading up to a chorus out of the Jackson 5 playbook.

Diving further into their growing catalogue, more impressive moments come up. There’s “Sunrise”, which blends the indie pop of The Shins with the power pop bounciness of Cheap Trick. Another stand-out from theirĀ Beyond Belief EP is “No Heart”, which opens with a crispy guitar riff and blasts off with passionate vocals. The EP closes out with the sincere love song “Eventually”, which is all perfect gang harmonies and hopeless romantic lyrics like “I really thought you were going to be alongside me on this road. And now I need you more than ever…”

One listen to the band and it’s hard not to be endeared to them. Take a listen to yourself and discover a potential Next Big Thing.


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