Check This: Jamestown Revival – Who Hung the Moon


Stepping away from the digital down pour of advertising and social media in an era of constant communication, it is a pleasure to escape to the vast swaths of open space that most of the US is made up of. To let go of the city and its vice like grip on our time and energy is imperative to happiness and fulfillment. Those frequent sojourns need a soundtrack (digital, of course, but hear me out) that cradles the heart and spirit as we slough off the defenses built from the cycles of work and pleasure, work and pleasure.

Jamestown Revival takes on the mantle of folk guide leading the masses on journeys of calming the heart. Their polished sound reminds me of Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses and Darlingside sharing this low burning warmth to their music, which suggests a suitable pairing of a campfire. And the instrumentation and harmonies blend into beautiful acoustic Americana compositions.

They have a new album coming out June 14th, San Isabel, and have released a handful of singles from the album that express a great deal of promise and growth for this band out of Austin, Texas. Critically acclaimed, Jamestown Revival are set to rise quickly in popularity with a headlining tour across the US supporting the album. Check out their music below and set everything aside a bit for some folk meditation on the openness that rests just on the other side of those hills.

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