Banger of the Week: AS IT IS – The Question, The Answer – Reimagined


AS IT IS play a highly pop aware hard rock that can get into hardcore but alight as easily in the thinner air of radio friendly tunes. From their 2018 album The Great Depression, they have released an EP of remixes which features “The Question, The Answer – Reimagined.” On the full length it’s a clean, gleaming feel good song that would go in some romantic movie where the hero has been hurt and walks alone, but thought the set of his shoulders you can see he’s determined to rise up.


On the remix it’s a Banger talking about “a beautiful nightmare” and asking if “will I still be scared to live?” and just wanting the answer at the end, “show me how it ends for us.” All that angst tied in to a clean hardcore song.

Listen to their whole album and you’ll see they play whatever they want. AS IT IS is an intriguing band. I’m posting the whole EP- which will give you an idea of that range (see the synth-laden song “The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry)”). Their brand of flamboyant rock is too much at times, but hits all the heavy notes whenever they want to.  Talented young men.


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