Check This: Los Coast – The Morning Weight


Artist: Los Coast

Song: “The Morning Weight”

Album: Samsara (June 14th)

Label: New West Records

Genre: Americana, Soul, Psychedelic, Pop

Austin, TX continues to earn its reputation as a hub for great music, with exciting new artists popping up all the time. The latest is Los Coast, who recently toured opening for another Austin native, Gary Clark Jr. Much like that guitar virtuoso, Los Coast fear no genre label, blending jazz (which both co-founders Trey Privott and John Courtney studied), soul, psychedelia, pop and Americana into a lively and inviting audio tapestry.

As they gear up for the release of their debut album¬†Samsara, the band has put out three singles, all strong, but “The Morning Weight” is a true stand-out. A passionate, soulful hymn that shines over a cool, expressive groove with gospel flourishes, it’s a track that continues to enrich on repeat listens as you notices all the subtle touches and textures. The delicate keyboards and mournful horns are lovely, but it’s Privott’s spirited vocals, that seem to tap into an ancient wisdom, bringing to life the touching lyrics; “I will build my home out of sticks and stones. They said they’d break my bones, then they left me alone” and “I hear the dogs barking, I see the soldiers marching on. They’re trying to take me away. See my freedom calling. Hear the evening ringing on” are just a couple of examples.

There’s pain and connection here. Something in the music that is too meaningful to quite describe in words. Listen to it in our Check This 2019 Playlist below and discover for yourself.

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