Check This: The Black Fever – No Work

the black fever

The Black Fever are a Toronto based post-punk band whose propulsive drums, driving base line and melodic guitar blend with smooth lyrics for a delightful downtown soundscape. If Bloc Party had toned it down to more intimacy in their early stuff, this might have emerged.

“No Work” comes from their upcoming 5-song EP Unarticulated Wants (out June 14th). According to the band, the song is about landing a good job that meets your needs and qualifications. They say it concerns the modern economy which currently has plenty of available jobs but how many of those jobs are really good/fulfilling?

The band prides themselves on concise, tight songs and this one is emblematic of their sound. Other highlights from previous work are the more playful “My Love, The Sea” and “Marketing” which features singer Shoe’s vocals.

If you are in the market for a post-punk fix The Black Fever have what you are looking for.

As always, here’s our stellar CHECK THIS 2019 Playlist.  Follow it for more great music.

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