Album Review: The Sloppy Boys – Dancing on the Wind


Jingle jangly comedy party rock out of LA is probably the way to turn off a lot of people from continuing to read a review of a band they’ve never heard of. But, hold on. This album is fun. Sure, the lyrics are stupid with their countless pop references (see: “Smashing the Plates”) but the songs are damn fun. It’s summer for god’s sake so stop taking yourself so seriously and give The Sloppy Boys’ Dancing on the Wind 30 minutes of your time.

These are incessantly catchy pop tunes that run the gamut from country to rock to punk and back again with each one unique allowing favorites to rise and the shitty ones to fall away but the variety will likely mean that even a least favorite for me will be a favorite for you. Here’s a couple that are worth your time (IMO):

  • “Santa Ana Winds” kicks off the album in celebration of California culture over east coast shellfish- sort of.
  • “East Coast Wedding” makes a strong play to be a late reception dance song along the eastern seaboard utilizing funky guitars and horns.
  • “I’m taken” celebrates faithfulness as the singer pleads “Keep your dirty filthy mitts off my tight little ass” in a Jeff Rosenstock style party song.
  • “I’m so Punk Rock” is a near crying singer defending his credibility in all the off shoots of rock- punk, grunge, metal. And then it ends. It’s a cute interlude.
  • The best song: “The Bands” laments how shitty all the bands are that they’ve played in including this one. It’s self aware and self-deprecating, charming and fucking catchy.

The Sloppy Boys have too-obvious senses of humor but they can easily write catchy pop rock and utilize those two skills in crafting a good time album that is worthy of your attention and would likely lead to a great live show.

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