Check This: The Comet is Coming – Summon the Fire


Artist: The Comet is Coming

Song: “Summon the Fire”

Album: Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery

Genre: Apocalyptic Space Funk

Label: Impulse! Records/UMG

The Comet is Coming is a UK trio that uses synths, drums and saxophone to dispel illusions, overcome fear and embrace chaos…or for the casual listener, just make you get effin’ down! They describe their sound as “Apocalyptic Space Funk”, but whatever it is, it’s easy to imagine their sound blasting out of underground clubs in London, or soaring over jovial festival crowds.

Single “Summon the Fire” builds on its monotone synth beat with a jazzy sax rhythm that will get you freaking out in the best possible way. Add in the dirty drums and a few more synth layers that rocket the track spacewards, and you’ll find it impossible to resist the groovy funk being birthed out of the song’s “Fire”.

Experience the song in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:


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