Check This: Trade Wind – No King But Me


Artist: Trade Wind

Song: “No King But Me”

Album: Certain Freedoms

Label: Other People Records

Genre: Rock

Trade Wind first came to my attention months ago, as I received emails from their PR team promoting their most recent albumĀ Certain Freedoms. “No King But Me”, the first single from the record, made it into my weekly rotation mix, and I found myself enjoying it more and more. I told myself on a number of occasions “you should post about this song on Indy Review”, and yet other tracks and albums kept pushing their way forward.

So I think it should say something that this track has stuck around strongly enough in my head over these months that I’m getting to posting this, better late than never. Straightly put – the track is a no-frills quality piece of melodic rock with a cathartic, stadium-sized chorus. Think the best of Kings of Leon without the Southern drawl.

Certain FreedomsĀ is out now, and you can also hear lead singer Jesse Barnett‘s solo songs on the recently released split with Nathan Gray. Listen to “No King But Me” in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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