Check This: Union Duke – 123


Artist: Union Duke

Song: “123”

Label: Independant

Genre: Rock, Folk

As described in their own bio, Union Duke are “two fifths city, two fifths country, and one fifth whiskey”, which is an appropriate way to describe the Toronto quintet. Since releasing their first album in 2013, the group has been bring their folk rock ruckus wherever they go, and have been churning out a number of new tunes this year.

Their latest, “123”, is a crazy-catchy, hand-clapping, rockin’ hoe-down fit into a clean three minutes. In between worrying about the forthcoming apocalypse and wishing death on the Kardashians over psychedelic verses, the song comes together in a bouncy chorus embracing the healing (and somewhat destructive) power of whiskey. The song is a commentary on modern apathy, but after one listen you won’t be able to be apathetic towards this track.

Take a listen in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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