Music Video: Mondo Cozmo – Come On

Like Aerosmith with Alicia Silverstone, Los Angeles indie rocker Mondo Cozmo seems to have found his video muse in Mom and House Bunny star Anna Faris. For his latest single, “Come On”, we follow Faris moving through a home at night, loosely singing along to the track, while moving between a vast array of emotions. At times joyful, and at other times unhinged, it’s an overall dramatic portray by the actress that brings to life the emotional depth of the track.

The house is actually Faris’ old home, which she had not been inside since putting it on the market, the context of which adds other layers to her performance. The song itself has Cozmo’s easy melodic flow, almost like an invigorated Lou Reed, and drops Doors references (“I’m the rider of the storm”) along with other apocalyptic imagery (“I was the fallen of the angel / I hear the coming of the storm”).

Watch the video above, and stream the track below:

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