Check This: gab3 – Gone

Artist: Gab3

Song: “Gone”

Label: OMG! Dude! Records

Genre: Rap

Gab3 is part of the next wave of rappers, incorporating punk and emo stylings into their music. On his previous singles like “No Sleep” and “Geeked”, Gab3‘s auto-tuned raps slammed hard over dirty guitar chords, sounding like a trap/pop-punk hybrid.

In advance of a dropping his debut full album and an upcoming appearance on the next posthumous Lil Peep album, Gab3 has released his third single, “Gone”. Built over a post-punk tinged beat, the short song (1:43) hits with grimier verses and raps about a lost lover.

Take a listen in our Check This 2019 Playlist below:

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