World Watch: Stars and Rabbit

Didit Saad (guitar), and Elda Suryani (vocal). Photo by Robby Suharlim

Country: Indonesia

Formed by singer-songwriter Elda and musical director Didit, Stars and Rabbit are a rock and roll duo that formed on the island of Java in Indonesia. Since their formation in 2011, the group has built up a following in the Indonesian music and they are ready to take their music global.

Elda’s high-pitched, delicate voice brims with innocence as it tip-toes around melodies, like on the gentle acoustic ballad “Man Upon the Hill”, from their debut albumĀ Constellation. And while this song beautifully sways and swells to a cathartic end, on their latest song “Little Mischievous”, from their upcoming albumĀ Rainbow Aisle, the group proves their rock bonafides. Opening with a thrilling, NY rock scene style drum beat and Strokes-esque guitars, Elda’s vocals carry an extra dose of attitude and youthful joy, even as she sings “I need to lay down, I can’t move too fast”.

Check out both tracks below, and listen to the full album when it drops February 26th.

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