Playlist: Dealing With Death

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 2.09.28 PM

At some point, all of us have to deal with loss. Whether it’s a grandparent from old age, a friend from sickness, or someone else we care about from a tragic accident. There’s no easy way to heal during these times, but music is always capable of helping us deal with our emotions and find a way to move on.

We here at the Indy Review want to provide a playlist to aid anyone going through a hard time with some tunes that deal with the pain, sadness and grief from death. Containing powerful songs from artists like Eric Clapton, Frank Turner, Jason Isbell, Drive-By Truckers, Warren Zevon, Trevor Hall and many more.

Here is our Dealing With Death playlist. We hope you never need, but it’s here for you when you do.

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