World Watch: Hebe


Country: Netherlands

Amsterdam’s Hebe can attribute a number of influences and factors to her rise an artist. Growing up in an artistic family (her father is a film and documentary director, her mother is a theatre designer, and her brother a visual and lighting artist) led to her fasciation with music and the arts.

Her latest single, “Out of Sight”, is an ebullient pop number, filled with a simmering, sunny production. Inspired by her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend in Uganda, Hebe’s vocals hit angelic notes over a handclap beat and light instrumentation. It’s hopeful and moving, but shows just one facet of the artist.

Her musical influences range from James Blake and Banks to Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, though the former artists’ styles are most similar to her previous single “Hunting Me”, from her forthcoming debut album Cards on the Table.

Opening with a mid-tempo, hip-hop beat, Hebe’s jazz-inflected vocals come in to create a haunting mood. Blending smoothly with the piano and backing vocals as they enter, the track evolves into an electro-soul burner that grows more emotional as it goes on. The acoustic songwriting and swooning melodies of “I Knew it From the Start” showoff her more classic influences. It’s a gorgeous torch ballad that shows off her range.

Take a listen to both tracks below and keep an ear out for Hebe‘s new album when it drops later this year.


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