Throwback Thursday: The Wonder Stuff – The Size of a Cow


It need to be said that we are not in the happiest of days right now. We got the pandemic, massive unemployment, music venues struggling to survive, murder hornets…the news is not very cheery. It’s times like these we need music most, and a song that’s put a bit of pep in my step recently is “The Size of a Cow” by British rockers The Wonder Stuff.

Between the mid-80’s and mid-90’s, The Wonder Stuff were huge in the UK, but only had minor crossover success across the pond with their college rock radio hit “The Size of a Cow”. While only recently discovering the nineteen year old track, it sounds both musically (and lyrically) fresh today. A swinging, bouncy rocker, with mod and power pop influences, the mood is ultimately cheery, even as singer Miles Hunt throws out lines like “You know it would be strange to live life in a cage, and only believe the things you see that are on the written page”. Sounds a little like how we’re all living now (just insert social media for the “written page”).

And for those of you drinking more frequently these days, “You know that I’ve been drunk a thousand times. These should be the best days of my life. Life, it’s not what I thought it was.” It’s not hard to relate to that.

So have some fun singing along to this cheery downer song today. Maybe with a drink in hand.

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