Banger of the Week: Metallica – Whisky in the Jar


Long ago on a St. Patty’s day, I was first introduced to Metallica‘s cover of the traditional Irish song “Whiskey in the Jar”. I had never been a big Metallica fan, nor was I familiar with the original song. All I knew was that I loved what I was hearing.

Recently, during a friend’s metal jukebox afternoon, I added this song into the mix, and was reminded again just how unbelievably hard it rocks. The original Celtic-style tune recounts a tale of a highwayman being betrayed by a woman after robbing a government official, and the modern metal band transforms the track into a rebel anthem, full of heavy, head-banging riffage.

It may be one of the most melodic tracks the band has ever recorded, and manages to be catchy without selling out the band’s hardness cred.

It is certainly worthy of being a Banger of the Week, and gracing that playlist.

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