Check This: Thunder Jackson – Find Yourself


Artist: Thunder Jackson

Song: “Find Yourself”

Label: Vero Music

Genre: Alt. Pop, Indie

A couple years ago at a party hosted by the social media app Vero, I met a young musician who had a great story: a transplant from Oklahoma, he came to LA knowing he had a voice, and he was going to sing on street corners and do whatever he had to do to be heard. Well, while crammed in the back of a cab and singing along to Jeff Buckley – someone did hear. Pete Lawrie Winfield, who invited the young man to move in and start recording in Winfield’s basement studio. This was the start of Thunder Jackson.

Cut to present – I receive in an email from a PR firm sharing Thunder’s latest single, “Find Yourself”. A glossy, 80s-styled pop rock bop, the track shows off Jackson’s smooth, impassioned vocals and the romantic core of his songwriting. In a similar vein to acts like The Night Game, the track has a nostalgic quality to it, but also fits perfectly into the modern musical landscape.

Take a listen in our Check This 2020 Playlist.

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