Music Video: Market Junction – Nebraska (Performance Video)

“Home is not a place. It is a connection to another person. When you lose those people, you feel uprooted, disconnected, and lost. Being out on the road is hard on a relationship, yet the constant war inside us wages between the dreams we chase and the people we love. Sometimes the road wins and we are left with nothing but our own wanderlust.”Matt Parrish

Parrish is the lead vocalist for the band, Market Junction, and these words seem to ring truer than ever in 2020. Many of us are feeling disconnected from many we love as a pandemic ravages the world, and that wanderlust is setting in big time (at least for me… what about you?). I realize it’s not the same as the disconnection from living on the road, but it’s a longterm disconnection nevertheless.

While I love a full band performance, I’ve also always been big on just listening to one vocalist with their guitar, singing their heart out. There is an extra level of closeness to the subject matter when the glitz and glamour of the full band is stripped down to the basics of storytelling by song. I believe that is why I’m drawn to this “performance video” for Market Junction‘s single, “Nebraska.” I think it’s also due to spending my time watching a lot of live music streams from solo artists performing in their homes during this pandemic – it’s what I’ve grown accustomed to.

“Nebraska” is the first single released leading up to the release of the band’s forthcoming LP, Burning Bridges, due out on August 7th.

“This collection of songs tells one story, one of a young man learning about love and its consequences. Sometimes the heartbreak spurs the traveling, and other times the traveling is the cause of the heartbreak. Either way, Burning Bridges will break your heart in the best kind of way, and have you reaching for the keys”

While I want you to enjoy the music vide above, you should also be sure to check out the studio version of the song below:


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