World Watch: Thee MVPs

Country: England, United Kingdom

If you are looking for some music to blast and thrash around your house to, the new album by Thee MVPs fits the bill. Their music contains heavy elements of punk rock that remind me of bands to the likes of The Libertines, Black Flag, MC5 any so many more in this musical legacy, which are also listed as influencing bands for Thee MVPs on their Facebook page. Listening to them almost feels like a time warp, but I’m also exceedingly happy that this style of music is still being produced, performed, and appreciated in modern day.

They are, apparently, a force to be reckoned with live, and have already toured the world playing over 350 shows – including 17 SXSW shows in 6 days! The energy pours out of their songs, so I can only imagine how fun they are to watch live, and I look forward to when live music resumes. In the meantime, I recommend turning your speakers up to the max and blasting this new music from Thee MVPs.

Their newest album, Science Fiction, was released on May 29th. Speaking about the themes behind their new record, the band says…

 “The album ties in references and homages to Sci Fi with the modern millennial difficulties all of us face as we move away from our youth. Some themes include always having your crew to count on in the face of any dire straits, how being contactable 24/7 probably isn’t best for any of us and how really we’re not any more different/cooler/better/worse/charming/narcissistic than anyone else because we’re in a band.”

The entire album is a fast paced banger full of great guitar work, face punching vocals, impressive drum work, and fun synthesized sci-fi elements that fit the album title well. Check out two of my favorite tracks from this album on our World Watch playlist below:

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