Check This: Philmon Lee – Memories

Artist: Philmon Lee

Song: “Memories”

Label: Epic Records

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Alt Pop

The LaGrange, GA singer/songwriter, Philmon Lee, is new to the music scene, but is coming into it with a bang. He caught the attention of Against Da Grain Entertainment which lead to a record deal with Epic Records. They say he was “plucked out of obscurity,” which is not surprising considering his voice.

One of his two debut singles, “Memories” (the other being “Sunflower (I Refuse To Die)“), is a beautiful written and soulfully sung piece of art. “Memories” debuted with a slot on Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday playlist and now is up to over 78,000 listens already.

His raspy, full vocals are captivating and deliver a powerful emotional feeling behind the story of the song… all while showing a good deal of vocal range and abilities. I look forward to seeing what else this artist is going to deliver.

Check out “Memories” on our Check This 2020 playlist on Spotify:

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