Music Video: Katie Wood – Uh Huh Yeah

Eighties vibes have made a bit of comeback in recent years, and I’m here for it. A newer UK based artist, Katie Wood, is delivering on those vibes with her self produced music. Lending themes from her own authentic experiences, she is using her music as a form of escapism and expressionism in sharing these struggles with her listeners.

Her newest single, “Uh Huh Yeah,” focuses on her fight to overcome agoraphobia – a phobia I fear many people are struggling with currently. With influences from post-punk and new wave bands, Katie Wood delivers a sound reminiscent of more current bands, HAIM and The Naked and Famous, to name a couple.

Offering a variety of looks, some of which remind me of Jem and the Holograms to Dazzler from the X-Men to David Bowie, Wood delivers a fun and visually appealing video to accompany the song. With intense eye to camera contact, she delivers a natural charisma with her performing.

Check out the video above, and listen to the song on Spotify below:

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