Check This: Elena Moon Park – Under the Marshmallow Tree

elena 4_JPG

Artist: Elena Moon Park

Song: “Under the Marshmallow Tree”

Album: Unhurried Journey

Genre: Family, Folk, Indie, World

Brooklyn-based musician and educator Elena Moon Park had a vision to create an album that was a truly worldly collaboration. On Unhurried Journey, she partners with friends and musicians from Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Mexico and the US to create music that reimagines east and southeast asian music, along with composing original, western-style songs. The final product is a unique, imaginative collection of family friendly, multilingual songs.

As the album’s songs are so diverse, it’s hard to pin down one track that is fully representational of the work here, yet it’s hard to not love the breezy folk rock of “Under the Marshmallow Tree”. The lyrics give life to an imaginative world, while the gentle acoustic guitars and drums carry along Park’s swooning vocals. Add in an elegiac trumpet solo, and you’ve got a fine, fine tune for all audiences.

Take a listen in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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