World Watch: Marcelo Deiss

Country: Brazil/United Kingdom

Spending time between his San Paolo and London, Marcelo Deiss lets the sounds and influences of both homes seep into his alternative rock tunes. Tackling subjects like the struggling underclass, capitalism and war through a lens of irony, satire and dark humor, Deiss is using his art as a platform to bring awareness to bigger issues (while managing to still kick out some true jams).

His most recent single, “Gridlock”, is an earthy rocker with blues guitar licks and a toe tapping beat. Deiss’ raspy voice brings grit and soul to his tracks, though he’s able to smooth it out on the meditative “MEDO”, which coasts along with Deiss switching between English and Portugese. “My_Home” brings in the classic rock vibes via a groovy organ line, bristling percussion and singing guitars.

Hear a couple of his tunes in our World Watch playlist!

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