Check This: Ryan Hahn and the Believers – Get By

Artist: Ryan Hahn and the Believers

Song: “Get By”

Album: Farmers Son EP

Genre: Americana, Folk, Alt. Country

The ability discover new artist through live performances has significantly dwindled due to the pandemic, but thanks to venues like The Mint in Los Angeles for hosting local artists for outdoor performances, one can still occasionally catch lesser-known acts who can remind you why live music is so important. On a recent night, I was able to catch and be impressed by one such local act: Ryan Hahn and the Believers. Giving a stripped-down acoustic performance, the group’s songs still resonated with immaculate harmonies and folksy soul. The members, hailing from Kentucky but now based in Los Angeles, had a humble charm about them, that did not belie the excellent music they create.

The set highlight for me was their opening track “Get By”. Maybe it was the lyrical content (“Maybe all we need is a little love to get by”) that felt very necessary this year, or Hahn’s stirring vocals, but whatever the case, the track left an impression and certainly deserves to be heard more folks.

So join me in becoming a fan of the song by listening to it in our Check This 2020 Playlist, and follow the band on Spotify to hear the rest of their EP!

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