Check This: Sound Photographers – Shade

Artist: Sound Photographers

Song: “Shade”

Genre: Alternative, Hip-Hop, Alt Hop

Label: VaultPlus

Music brings people together. It certainly brought Indy James and Hoozmo together. After meeting at a show in 2017, the Philly-based duo formed Sound Photographers, and began making a name for themselves on the indie circuit. With influences like Talking Heads and Outkast, you would be right to expect a unique sound, and their debut single “Shade” doesn’t disappoint.

Opening with a quirky base line and laid back jazz drum beat, Indy James and Hoozmo then trade off lead vocals, dropping lines about outlaw ladies and riding emotional waves. Indy James brings an early-90’s alternative vibe to her groove-laden delivery, while Hoozmo’s rap verses showoff his clever wordplay and a smooth flow.

It’s one of the freshest sounding tracks you’ll hear this year, so check it out in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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