Banger of the Week: The Wonder Years – Brakeless

Going into their fifteenth year, Pennsylvania’s The Wonder Years have become one of the most beloved latter-era pop-punk/rock bands of the era. They’ve released six full-length albums, a number of EPs and singles, and I have to admit…I haven’t listened to most of them. Despite all the acclaim and love for the group, they came up during a time when I was moving away from listening to new pop-punk acts.

I’ve tried to correct that mistake this year, and thankfully I did as their brand new single came out last week, and it hits hard! “Brakeless” smashes out the door with energetic guitars, and throat-wrenching vocals. The lyrics have a socially-conscious streak, looking at financial struggles on a personal and national level (“There’s a city budget crisis closing all the libraries. There’s no money left for nothing”) while also touching on an overall survival crisis. The drums slam with gusto, adding a rock heft to the bellowing emo screams.

Take a listen to their latest jam in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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