Check This: Rad Horror – Everybody But Myself

Artist: Rad Horror

Song: “Everybody But Myself”

Label: Velvet Exit

Genre: Indie, Hip Hop, Alternative

Los Angeles has always been a hub for great alternative music, and rising band Rad Horror are continuing the tradition. With a sound melding alternative, indie and hip-hop elements with introspective lyrics, the group has garnered a strong following both domestically and abroad.

Just recently they released their latest single, “Everybody But Myself”. The moody guitars and 80’s drum beat work to create a somber atmosphere that is also surprisingly danceable, while singer Dylan Jackson Scott delivers his lyrics with a melancholic tone. Speaking about the song, Scott said it:

“…creates an inner dialogue with one’s self about the realization you’ve given everything you have to people in your life, and yet they yearn and beg for more. It sometimes takes a bit of time to learn how much and for how long you’ve been taken advantage of, whether in love and caring or in monetary and material objects. We enjoy wonderful and amazing times with these people, but great advantage is taken and rears its ugly head… We bloom into colorful flowers of resentment: We become hideous versions of our once recognizable selves.”

Take a listen to this sharp alt. track in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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