Check This: Old Daisy – You + The Sun

A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for songs that featured astronomical features in the song title, and that search lead me to the song I’m featuring today. “You + The Sun” is a really fun, upbeat song by the band, Old Daisy. I really wish I could find more information on them but, from everything I can find, it appears that this band is a side project by a couple of members of We Shot the Moon, Katy McAllister and Jonathan Jones.

“You + The Sun” is one of the songs featured on their second album/EP, Truce, which was released back in 2016. I hate that my search for more information about them has come up a bit dry, but it appears that the band hasn’t been active since the release of this EP back in 2016. Old Daisy, if you are out there and you see this – more music please!

Check out Old Daisy on Spotify, and listen to “You + The Sun” below on our Check This 2020 playlist:

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