World Watch: Outwave

Country: Italy

Formed in 2015, Italian quartet Outwave began their musical journey with each member playing in various local bands before coming together to form this melodic, hard rocking new project. Following time playing in local pubs and venues, the group recorded a three-song EP to sow the seeds for their debut full length, The Storm, which was released September of this year.

With a very in-your-face sound bursting with big hooks and nimble guitar work, Outwave‘s music is both accessible while not conforming to fit into the pop rock mainstream. Whether it’s a power ballad like “Song of the Sea” germinating with atmospheric energy before swelling to an ocean-size chorus, or the expressive guitar solos on the title track that build to a thunderous blues rock cutter, the songs here all showcase a debt both to classic bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin as much as they do to modern rock acts. The songs don’t rely on any steady verse-chorus-verse formula, and instead allow the instrumentation to weave and branch out into more interesting directions.

Listen to a couple of this band’s tracks in our World Watch playlist!

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