Music Video: The White Stripes – Apple Blossom

It’s been well over a decade since we’ve gotten anything new from The White Stripes, so imagine my surprise when a new Instagram account was created for them and started dropping content on us within the last few months – including a brand new music video for the song, “Apple Blossom,” originally released back in 2000 on their second full length album, De Stijl.

Created by underground cartoon artist and animator, Wartella Vision, this new music video stays on par with the fun and creativity that The White Stripes music videos offered us back in the early 2000s. A lot of time has passed since they last delivered a music video to us, but their connection to fun animation and quality story-telling remains.

With the re-emergence of The White Stripes hype online comes a new Greatest Hits album, which was voted on by fans and is being released December 4th, 2020. It’s available for pre-order now on the Third Man Records site. They are apparently also distributing limited edition items that will be available at select record stores should you purchase in person on release day. On top of that, they’ve released a Holiday line of merchandise in their online store.

Is this surge of online presence and merchandising a hint that the band is about to make a comeback? I wish I had the answer for you. If you are a Stripes fan, though, this resurgence of connection is probably a welcome thrill in an otherwise low key and stressful 2020. Stay connected with them on their website or via social media to continue to see what else may be up Jack White‘s & Third Man Records‘ sleeves. Enjoy the music video for “Apple Blossom” above!

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