Lost Gems: Gun Street Radio – A Fine Line Between

Sometimes it’s all in a name. While going down a bit of a Spotify rabbit hole the other day, in the “Fans Also Like…” section, I spotted a group called Gun Street Radio, represented by their album cover for their 2005 Pirate Radio EP. I clicked on them, only because I thought they had a pretty cool band name and was curious what they sounded like.

It was clear the group was not widely known – 4 monthly listeners (I became their 5th), and all of their tracks with the “< 1000” next to them. I was prepared to be underwhelmed as I clicked on their most-listened to track, “Radio Caroline” from their EP. What I discovered was a surprisingly solid power pop song. I let the playing continue, going into tracks from their lone LP, A Fine Line Between (also from 2005). The surprises continued, as each track proved to be an immensely enjoyable pop rock nugget.

There’s the bluesy opener “Rebound Woman”, with it’s Jagger-like vocals and Gin Blossoms jangle. Then there’s “Jolene”, which has a pensive, Americana vibe, but carries some heavy rock bass. As the female backing vocals kick in, it transforms into an aching alt. country number. And there’s the highlight “Lightning Man”, which narrates the story of a man caught between drinking in a bar and throwing on his superhero outfit to save the world (“I gotta go. Don’t you know I’m Lighting Man? Danger’s demanding and I can’t stay a-standing.”). It’s a timeless piece of power pop that contains elements of Bowie, Soul Asylum and Tommy Keene.

If you’re wanting to know more about this band, I’m right there with you. Googling the group did little to dig-up anything about them aside from the group photo here. Whoever and wherever they are, their album deserves to be properly discovered, so here’s hoping this post draws a few new fans to them.

Become their 6th+ monthly listener by giving them a stream!

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