World Watch: While I Wonder

Country: Denmark

Once thought of as a bastion for gloomy rock and death metal, the Nordic area of the world has recently been exploding with some of the most soothing and effervescent folk and folk pop you’ve ever heard. Take Denmark’s While I Wonder for example. Formed by singer/songwriter Morten Møllgaard, the trio uses the simple arrangement of guitar, piano bass and gorgeous harmonies to create their exquisite tunes.

Following their debut 2016 album Soothe, the band has dropped two new singles this year; “Moments I’ve Been Waiting For” is a laid back acoustic folk track filled with warm harmonies, some light horns and feel-good lyrics (“you don’t have to worry”), and then there’s the latest single “Sad Songs Are For Fools” which opens with a gentle, finger-picked, melancholy melody and swells into existential lyrics (“Sad songs are for fools, I’m in a good mood, yet I’m falling down, never-ending”).

Both tracks are a preview for their new album Finding Ourselves, and you should take a listen to both in our World Watch Playlist!

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