Check This: Sho Madjozi – Ni Langha Wihi

Artist: Sho Madjozi

Song: “Ni Langha Wihi”

Album: What a Life

Label: Black Cinderella/Epic

Genre: Afropop

Sho Madjozi has come a long way since debuting in 2017. Born in South Africa, the Afropop songstress has achieved a level of global success that any other artist would envy. From performing with Beyonce and Ed Sheeran at the Global Citizen Festival, to taking home multiple awards including Entertainer of the Year from Forbes, she has done so on her own terms while bringing her music (much of which is sung in Xitsonga) to the world.

Her latest album What a Life, she address love, friendship, dance and, for the first time, insight into her recent globetrotting success, all while melding various sounds of afropop, dance and hip-hop. One of the stand-out tracks from the album is opener “Ni Langha Wihi”. From the bouncy percussion to the effervescent guitar lines, the track overflows with a bright and joyful energy. While the song is mostly sung in Xitsonga, the sunny track transcends the language barrier and connects on a spiritual level.

Take a listen in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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