Check This: The Zangwills – Call

Artist: The Zangwills

Song: “Call”

Genre: Indie Rock

Northwest UK indie rock band The Zangwills first started releasing music in 2017, and have been growing their fan base across the country, selling out shows and developing a loyal fanbase. The four members bring together diverse influences to add a unique edge to their sound.

If “Call” is the first song you ever hear by the band, it’s going to be an explosive introduction for you. Layers of synths and fervent drumming rocket things from zero to sixty right from the start. Then you get the passionate vocals which meld emotion with haunting mystery to add an alluring and powerful force to the track. The track illustrates:

“…the feelings and thoughts of not being able to be close to loved ones and regretting not being appreciative enough about it in the past, the single also captures the hope of feeling a similar connection through a simple phone call. The song is about finding a way to work through these melancholic emotions and finding ways of expressing the importance of someone in your life.”

Take a listen to this fiery song in our Check This 2020 Playlist!

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