Music Video: Aaron Lee Tasjan – Computer of Love

Aaron Lee Tasjan has lived a truly rock n’ roll life. From his early days in a glam rock band (with Lady Gaga once opening for him) to being a trusted sideman for artists like the New York Dolls and Sean Lennon, to playing with bands and artists across the spectrum at festivals around the world – he has stories, he has experience, but most importantly, he has great songs.

The latest from him is “Computer of Love”, the second single from his upcoming album Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!, and working with Curtis Wayne Millard, he’s crafted a kitschy, sci-fi video to accompany the folksy, power pop track. Pairing well with the lyrics (“Some advanced technology is eating through my brain”), the video takes us on a visual journey with flying cars, lava lamp universes, worm holes, giant pinball worlds and a vaporware color pallet that really makes it pop.

Though the track is pure 70’s AM radio gold, the video is a blast into the 80s past, and simply a blast. Watch it above, and stream the new single here.

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