Music Video: Bronze Radio Return – Tell It To Me

I have honestly been eagerly waiting to feature Bronze Radio Return here on The Indy Review for a while now. I was first entranced by this band when their 2018 single, “The Storm,” fell into my lap. Since then, I’ve taken my time to listen through their entire catalog, and they are solid.

Bronze Radio Return (from Hartford, CT – which my boyfriend would be pleased about as he shouts “Go Whalers!” despite that team having left Hartford years ago) has been cranking out the tunes since 2008. Despite that, I had never heard of them, and it seems I’m not the only one. They’ve been dubbed “the band you’ve probably heard, but haven’t heard of.” Well, it’s time to hear of them, because they are friggin’ great! Their latest album was released back in 2019, but since then they’ve still been working, dropping two singles in 2020 – “Still Wandering” and “Tell It To Me.” Their most recent musical release is a set of solo piano pieces, which is kind of perfect for the stressful lives we’ve all been living since the pandemic hit.

I am thrilled with the music video to accompany “Tell It To Me.” This video contains a lot of nods to classic game shows that I grew up watching, with a 70’s & 80’s style flare. Kudos to Mike Katits (storyline, illustration, and direction) and Jarod Evans (video editing and motion graphics) for delivering this fun and engaging music video. Kudos to the band for cranking out another killer tune that I adore (those horns, though)!

While Bronze Radio Return asks that we tell it to them, I’m gonna tell it to you – check out this music video above, and listen to more from this amazing band below:

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