Bad Ass Break-Out: Moni Grace

Boston’s Moni Grace is only 23, but has already found her voice; addressing issues of sexual assault, violence, self love and forgiveness through soul-inflected pop-punk. She released her first EP just last year, and already has her debut album out. Over the sixteen songs on the album, she shows a natural knack for combining powerful hooks over guitar-driven, heartfelt music.

“Wyoming” is sung with a syncopated melancholy over a pensive guitar line that recalls Brand New‘s Deja Entendu. It smartly remains somber over its short length, even as Grace lets her voice swoon in the second part of the song. “Winter Break is Over” is one of the catchiest songs here, with a chorus that is pure early 00’s pop punk goodness. When you realize the song is Grace going through a series of past failed relationships, it becomes easy to relate and empathize with the pain giving birth to the track.

There’s a bare vulnerability to the lyrics of “The Pavement After U Left” that is tackled with spare plaintiveness. Grace lets her voice flutter and the rhythm section find a tantalizing groove on “Hudson Road”, which changes pace halfway through to crescendo with gang vocals to a big finish. And if you want another reason why Grace is potential to break-out, check out the kinetic anthem “For the Boy Who Forgot I Existed”, a kiss of to an ex that’s a fast ball right into the glove.

Get a taste of some of Moni Grace‘s great songs in our Bad Ass Break-Outs Playlist!

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