World Watch: Updog

Country: Denmark

What’s Updog? You know the joke by now, but Copenhagen’s Updog is not an artist to laugh at. The artist started releasing singles back in 2019, blending hip hop, pop, alternative rock and punk into a BOUNCY blend of beatific music on his latest Bouncy Boy EP.

Echoing artists like Hobo Johnson and Oliver Tree, Updog‘s lyrics flirt with the sardonic, while addressing the fears, anxiety and identity crises of growing up. “Somebody” has a drum and bass rhythm made for the streets, yet finds a quirky melodic squiggle for the catchy hook. Lyrically, it delves with hitting a low point in life (“I think you’ve had your part to play to save me from myself”), yet never succumbs to melancholy. The title track is a mile-a-minute slice of alt-rap which breaks big with a dark, new wave chorus.

Single “Clown” swings and shuffles with suave attitude, with Updog advising a friend (or maybe himself) “please clean up your act, you look like a clown”. The track is hard to resist with it’s danceable beat and memorable lyrics.

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