Banger of the Week: Ghoultown – Bullets Don’t Argue

Texas-based Ghoultown describes their sound as “a devilish mix of punk twang, horror rock, and spaghetti-western flair.” And that’s fair, though you could also call this psychobilly by way of Ennio Morricone that goes down well with Joe R. Lansdale, a game of Deadlands, and a shot of good whiskey.

Founder/frontman Lyle Blackburn has been bringing Ghoultown to the world since 1999. He’s also a noted cryptozoologist, having published books like The Beast of Boggy Creek and Sinister Swamps, and produced/voiced documentaries including The Mothman of Point Pleasant. All of which feeds into the “Weird West” feel of the band’s music.

I’ve been spinning the hell out of Ghoultown for the past month. As soon as Covid lifts and bands can again tour, I’ll be watching for the first chance to catch them live. Until then, check out this song in our Banger of the Weeks Playlist!

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