Premiere: Stage Moms – 231

Stage Moms are an aggressive pop-punk band out of Moundsville, WV, taking influence from their backgrounds in metal core, folk-punk, hardcore, and powerpop, to bring raw, hard hitting yet melodic jams everywhere they can. Frontman Gage recently lost the local venue he owned called Thunderbird’s and their new song “231” gives life to the loss, and has been their coping mechanism in putting all the pieces back together. Gage says:

“231 is about the loss of the venue I owned called Thunderbird’s. The song is all about dealing with loss and trying to put all the pieces back together.”

For Gage, it’s all or nothing with music now. Even when times are so desperate in this industry, Stage Moms are fighting for hope. The new single itself is an abrasive, high-energy scorcher, and we are thrilled to premiere it and the video for the single today.

The video pays tribute to the venue lost, and the city which was its home. Even with this setback, the band plans to let nothing get in their way as they prepare to release their sophomore EP “Almost Heaven ….Feels Like Hell” on March 12. Watch the video for the single above, and stream it below.

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