Music Video: Chelsea Lovitt – State of Denial

If you are experiencing some post-Valentine’s Day blues, Mississippi-bred, Nashville-based artist Chelsea Lovitt has got you covered! In her new video for song, “State of Denial,” she showcases herself driving around town delivering flowers to others while experiencing loneliness herself. Her crooning voice delivers a classic bluesy sound, accompanied by really great guitar and piano riffs.

The song itself takes its meaning from being a touring artist who is constantly away from their loved ones, but for the last year has taken on a new meaning as we’ve all been very secluded from many of our loved ones. As Chelsea says, “People cain’t be kissin’ on their boo this year, touring or not.”

To make this video, Chelsea partnered up with famed videographer Joshua Shoemaker on Valentine’s Day last year, when Shoemaker followed her around town as she delivered flowers in her old beat-up band van. She experienced a bit of the blues herself to make this video, as she intended to sell the van to fund the making of the video only to have it break down on her while she was en route to the buyer. Thankfully, all worked out in the end and she was able to deliver this wonderful video/song combo for us to enjoy.

“State of Denial” is just one of the songs featured on 2020 album, You Had Your Cake, So Lie In It. Enjoy the video above and check out the song below on Spotify:

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